How is your procurement team set-up?
  1. Centralized vendor n-boarding process
  2. POs for each house placed on a single day
  3. Satellite factories and warehouses to cater to every 500 home cluster
  4. Establish toilet pod factories for fast turnkey installation
Are you proficient to handle the short duration – 123 Days for production and installation?
  1. The Founders of IndiHome123 have a combined house building experience of over 100 years in the Karnataka and Tamil Nandu market
  2. Close tie up with Irish Pre-casters who will be part of our production and installation teams. They took Precast to the Middle East 40 years ago, O’Riley and GT Engineering
  3. Toyota Systems are our guiding light to Lean Production and Installation
  4. Every activity in the entire process is SoP-driven through the IndiHome123 Construction Manual
What dissatisfaction could a client face?
  1. Water Leakages
  2. Customer Service
How can you achieve a 4000sf home in 123 days? It’s impossible
  1. Standardization across foundation, room and wall sizes
  2. Premade bathroom pods
  3. Pre-defined vendor program with JIT
  4. Highly-evolved red flagging, bottleneck clearance and project management tools
What could cause a delay?
  1. Rain
  2. Lack of access to the project site – double handling/ power lines, etc.
  3. Force Majeure
What is excluded in the Cost of an IndiHome?
  1. Land cost
  2. Project Sanctions/ Governmental expenses
  3. Power and water deposits
  4. External site development work
  5. Borewell
How is this a Tech Business? How Click and Mortar, not Brick & Mortar?
  1. We are building a portal based on the best online platforms that let you build and customize products online: Apple and Ferrari
  2. Procurement is an internal module based on a marketplace system – The Amazon Way. The real JIT Method
  3. Project Management a client facing module is a cutting-edge module developed inhouse with years of global project management experience and a through understanding of local building methods and mentality
What are the warranties on this Home?
  • No Cost Escalation: IndiHomes will bear any additional costs
  • No Time Escalation: We will pay rent for your home from the 124th day
  • Warranty on Quality: Any defect at handover will be rectified
  • IndiHome will provide a two-year ‘No Questions Asked’ Warranty on you new home
  • Every component of the home is covered by a warranty
  • All warranties from external vendors will be transferred to you thereafter. E.g., Waterproofing
How does precast address challenges that exist in the home building industry?
Multiple contractors Single Point of Contact & Virtual PM
No definite cost Fixed Cost Contract
No definite timeline Fixed timeline, with penalties
No defects liability Published warranties
No after-market service Annual Maintenance Contracts
No legal recourse Fully enforceable contract with single entity
Messy and dirty site conditions No mixing any material at site
No Professionals at site Every member of our team is a Technician/ Engineer
What is the Process of Building a House with IndiHome?
  1. Provide your pincode, direction your plot faces, plot size/ Google Map pin – all online
  2. Select a pre-designed model home
  3. Choose your finishes
    ——-GET A QUOTE—–
  4. Set Up a visit to a Model IndiHome close to you
  5. Visit our Finishes Center
  6. IndiHomes will visit your site and Check SBC, Water, Power, Plan Sanction, Logistics and Access, Plot Legal Documentation, Loan Application Paperwork
  7. Finalize Contract: Get a Set of Plan Sanction Documents and Loan application from IndiHomes – We can help with plan sanction
  8. Once Plan is sanctioned and Notice to Proceed signed:
    ——-123 Days to your BRAND NEW IndiHome—–

IndiHome123 is committed to revolutionizing the home building industry in India. We Our mission is clear, our determination unwavering, and our dedication resolute.

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